Breakout Lounge

Here are a few ideas to help you when you need some distractions, can't sleep, having anxiety or just need some time out.


Take some time to relax and listen to the Gastrectomy Connections Playlist or Youtube


Music can raise your vibration to the highest frequency.


Whether you want to increase your energy level, lift you out of sadness, or help you have an amazing breakthrough, music can open your heart and soul, helping you to achieve a profound state of joy.

Instead of trying to think positively and feel good, you can let music do all the work for you.


Just like meditation, coloring also allows us to switch off our brains from other thoughts and focus only on the moment, helping to alleviate free-floating anxiety.

Click on the pictures to take you to some free online coloring pages.


“Jigsaw Puzzle Therapy”  is widely used tool by people who are looking for a way to cope with their mental and emotional health issues.

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