Welcome to Gastrectomy Connections.  This is a voluntary run, self funded website that has evolved from the Support Page for Partial and Total Gastrectomy Patients on Facebook.  In addition to my personal time, there is a financial requirement to pay for yearly renewal's and domain registration costs to maintain and enhance (e.g webinars) this website.
If you are part of the Facebook Page or see yourself using this site in the future then I would appreciate any amount that will keep this website running for yourself and the larger community. 
The initial set up costs for this site has been kindly sponsored until October 2018 by a fellow Gastrectomy patient who is appreciative of all the support they have received through the Facebook Page.  This member wishes to remain anonymous, but their contribution has allowed us to upgrade this site so we now have more space and a page domain to share more valuable resources with you all. I would like to personally thank this individual  for their very kind donation.  
If you wish to donate towards my time and any associated ongoing costs then I would really appreciate your contribution.  Gastrectomy Connections is not a registered Charity, therefore any donations cannot be claimed on your tax return.
You can also support this website by purchasing anything through the SHOP.
My Paypal Email is gastrectomyconnections@gmail.com. You will need to use this email when you are prompted by Paypal.  If you are using your mobile phone you will notice that donations will go to potterblue.  This is my merchant account on Paypal.  Currency for donations are set in US dollars.
Thank you
Michelle Lykokapis
Gastrectomy Connections Site Manager and Page Owner

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