• Michelle Lykokapis

Cancer Leftover

Before diagnosis I was so set in my decisions never really thinking twice and went for it strongly. Confident in what choices I was making at the time were the right ones. Tonight it hit me because since diagnosis I waver on choices. Sometimes the tiny choices I make, going back and forth. I am not able to make a decision for nothing - I realized that making a decision that I was afraid of making the wrong one because I was so set in thinking that it would be my last decision - thinking of the choices before me are choices of lasts... I do not have to think like that anymore. I can now make decisions for the future. I have to allow me to think past three months and that is so hard for me. The many things that still linger after cancer... 

One of the things I started was Bullet Journalling and absolutely love this. Filled with my thoughts, my fears, reminders to self, hopes and dreams. ♥️Liza


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