• Michelle Lykokapis

Making the Most of Life

Today is a very special day for me.. on this day 8 years ago, I had my stomach entirely removed.. and I believe that one surgery has saved my life.. oh I have many surgeries since then but that one saved me...

I will be entering into my 9th year of being cancer free.. I am in uncharted territory now. Drs don't really know what I can expect or how long I will actually live but I am here now and plan to make the most of my life.

Being a cancer survivor can be overwhelming at times, survivor guilt can run extremely high and my health sure as hell isn't what it used to be but I am here and while being here, I intend to make a difference.

Love to all of you that have stood by me and continue to support me.. my family is my world and without them I would not be the person I have grown to be. You can always make a difference.. be it big or small.. just pick a cause and fight for it! Mine is to keep living.

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