• Michelle Lykokapis

Connecting is Everything

So much weight can be lifted off your shoulders when you find people that truly understand what you are going through. Being heard and understood is everything.

There have been countless people over the years that were so relieved and appreciative to have found the Support Page on Facebook. The unpublished messages of gratitude fill my heat with joy and reassure me that opening up my life in a very public way was the right thing to do.

I feel so grateful for the technology that enables us all to connect in very deep and meaningful ways. The people over the years that have volunteered their time to assist in answering questions and supporting this wonderful network that has evolved far beyond my expectations.

We are all living complex situations that cannot possibly be understood unless it’s lived. I miss sleeping flat and being able to drink a long glass of water in a few thirsty gulps. Days are long gone when I could eat without consequences. Now planning my food feels more like a military operation. Waking up with burning reflux, farts that smell to high heaven and juggling exhaustion are all part of the new normal. But I know I’m not alone, where once I thought I was and that makes a world of difference. - Michelle




Photo credit: fb/thinkpositivetomakethingspositive




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