• Michelle Lykokapis

Support Gastrectomy Connections

I was very excited to receive my Seahorse Watercolour on pillows this week. 

Through my other life as an artist I have made available images through my Redbubble account.  These images can be purchased on merchandise and clothing.  All commission from the sales through the "Gastrectomy Collection" Album I am donating towards the management and maintenance of the Gastrectomy Connections Website. 

This is a voluntary run, self funded website that has evolved from the Support Page for Partial and Total Gastrectomy Patients on Facebook. In addition to my personal time, there is a financial requirement to pay for yearly renewal's and domain registration costs to maintain and enhance (e.g webinars) this website. If you are part of the Facebook Page or see yourself using this site in the future then I would appreciate any amount that will keep this website running for yourself and the larger community.  

Click on the link to take you to the Redbubble:


@redbubble @michellepottervisionaryartist #seahorse #pillowcase #fundraising #watercolor #merchandise #illustration 

#Illustration #seahorse #fundraising


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