• Michelle Lykokapis

Let Go and Let God

I watched a documentary on Netflix yesterday called End Game. An MD by the name of BJ Miller talks about his accident and how it took him several years to stop comparing his old body to his new body. When his body became the whole him, rather than him missing limbs he stopped suffering. This only happened when his identity had accommodated the facts of his life. He explained that suffering is between the world you’ve got and the world you want. Through my own personal experiences I know that time played a huge factor in my recovery and self acceptance and I have been evolving ever since. It takes time to reinvent yourself, it takes time to heal, it takes time to accept that nothing will be as it was. Taken from Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss - If we are able to ‘let go and let God’ helping us see that our personal challenges are extensions of a Divine plan and letting go of the idea of why things have happened the way they have.’ Then perhaps we can start to view our circumstances from a place of acceptance rather than one of loss and sadness. - Michelle   

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