• Michelle Lykokapis

Small Steps Every Day

Days like today make me appreciate how many small steps I have taken to keep moving forward. Every now and again (like this past three weeks) I have a few setbacks and my body needs another fine tune to make it work properly again. Diaphragm spasms seem to be the new symptom this year which leave me with chest and abdominal pain as well as an inability to breath normally. They last for about three minutes and are extremely intense and scary, usually leaving my husband with one hand on the phone ready to call an ambulance. My poor husband deserves a medal for everything he has to contend with. Doctors visits and routine procedures are just part of life now and as much as I hate them I understand that they are necessary. Taking care of the physical side of myself is important but also the spiritual and emotional. On those days when you cant physically take steps you can open up your awareness. Try a guided meditation, pick up a book or call a friend. For a moment try and remember the day you got news that changed your life and give yourself a pat on the back at how far you have come. - Michelle 

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