• Michelle Lykokapis

Gastrectomy Connections Donations

With yesterdays #shoutout for donations for the Gastrectomy Connections Website I bring you all some very exciting news this morning. With a kind donation from Dee Hunt and the generous support of No Stomach For Cancer we have reached our goal. I want to thank all those past and present who continue to support this Page and all that it represents.

Without communities and resources like this alot of us would feel very alone in the world. I hope Jonathan Florin doesn't mind me passing on his words of encouragement from his email this morning. I am greatly humbled and very appreciative of the financial assistance and support I have received so I may continue to expand the resources for the Stomachless Community. - Michelle

'It is our mission to unite the caring power of people worldwide and support programs and research that aligns with our global mission. Your website and Facebook group is an invaluable resource to gastrectomy patients living in every corner of the globe. Your commitment to the community and those who are living without a stomach (or partial) and struggling to eat a mouthful of food is admirable. We are honored to be able to help you continue to provide help and guidance to the “stomachless”'.

Best regards, Jonathan (Jon) Florin No Stomach For Cancer Executive Director

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