• Michelle Lykokapis

A Day In The Life With No Stomach

On Monday I decided to document my day. I thought that this might help others who are anxious about surgery or have just had a gastrectomy. This is a glimpse of what my life is like 8 years post TG.

Mondays are a particularly busy day for me so it was also good to show others how much you can extend yourself if and when you need to. My late snack on Monday night proved to be fatal and unfortunately I was blessed with bile reflux, which knocked me off my feet for much most of Tuesday.

My life is full of highs and lows and the unpredictable nature of my body can make life interesting at times. Patience, persistence and perseverance seem to be the key. Learning to read your bodies queues, even when your mind tells you differently is a skill I am still yet to master!

I hope that by sharing my day it will provide some peace of mind for those that need a little encouragement and others that need to see that life does go on after surgery.

Michelle :)



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